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Play to Earn!

A Metaverse RPG with blockchain

Enjoy proven fun and P2E at the same time!

Download the game now and get GOLA Coins!!

What is Golden Knights Metaverse?

The best "hero collector RPG game", which was first released in 2016 and ranked #1 in Google and Apple markets, now released as P2E!

Welcome to the world of Collectible Action RPG Golden Knights: Metaverse!

Extensive content that you can enjoy without a break with 300 kinds of heroes!

Enjoy the game easily and comfortably and mine GOLA Coin!


About GOLA Coin

  • What is GOLA Coin?   It is a new concept coin that you can freely exchange, store, sell, and purchase in-game assets outside of the game.

  • The intrinsic value of the coin is guaranteed through the value of resources derived from the game.

GOLA Coin Features

  • Utility Coin : GOLA will be used in various games released by SOLZAM Inc.

  • Mobility Coin : GOLA is a blockchain-based tradable asset that can be purchased or exchanged without restrictions on game servers, game worlds, or game and real worlds.

  • Clear intrinsic value : GOLA has a clear intrinsic value that can purchase and grow essential resources in the game and purchase NFTs.

  • Value maintenance : GOLA limits the total daily issuance, and uses a certain percentage of the NFT sales cost or company profits such as withdrawal fees to incinerate or use it for liquidity supply to increase the coin’s value and maintain a stable price and value.


GOLA Coin Allocation

Separate sales and investment are not carried out.


Play to Earn

Games are virtual spaces that users can enjoy while experiencing the same economy, society, and culture as reality.

Golden Knights introduces GOLA Coin into the economic system to reward users and provide a service that allows them to purchase items or NFTs with GOLA received as a reward.

Blockchain acts as a communication channel that connects the real world and the virtual world. NFT holders can participate in governance through voting and continue to participate in economic activities through rewards by staking GOLA Coin and NFT.

P2E Guide

Get GOLA Coin  

  • Exchange Godium to GOLA Coin through the in-game swap tab


GOLA Coin withdrawal

  • My Town > SWAP Button > GOLA Withdrawal > Select Wallet


* Due to the legal issues in South Korea, Korean users can't deposit or withdrawal GOLA coin in game.

* The image above is an example image and may differ from the actual image.

GOLA Coin consumption

  • Exclusive item purchase shop

  • Purchasing NFTs

Godium Acquirable Contents

  • Campaign Mining

  • PVP, Arena Weekly Rewards

  • Gold Dungeon Rewards

  • Daily Mission Quest

  • Weekly Mission Quest

  • Guild Raid Season Rewards

  • Godium Event Quest

Godium Consumed Contents

  • Pattern

  • Additional Gold Dungeon admission tickets

  • Temple of Grace





The game economy of Golden Knights : Metaverse is based on GOLA Coin.

GOLA Coins can be obtained as a reward for playing dungeons, and the DeFi system regulates liquidity.


Play to Earn

You can get GOLA coins by playing Golden Knights : Metaverse.

Godium can be exchanged for GOLA Coin at a certain rate.


NFT Ownership

Town, Dungeon and Hero NFT holders can receive staking interest through the Defi system.

GoldenKnights Coin (GOLA)
Golden Knights' decentralized finance coin!




Town NFT

Town NFT holders can act as participants in Golden Knights : Metaverse ecosystem governance.
When participating in governance, NFT pre-sale whitelist privileges are provided as standard, and activities can be performed in the community space only for governance participants.
If you stake Town NFT, you will receive GOLA Coins as a reward.


Dungeon NFTs

Dungeon NFT holders will own the dungeons of the Golden Knights : Metaverse ecosystem.
When staking a dungeon NFT, the chance of dropping the dungeon increases, and dungeon owners receive GOLA Coins as a reward.


Hero NFT

Hero NFTs possess various stats, so they will be used in the IP business of the Golden Knights : Metaverse ecosystem.
Hero NFTs also make it possible to earn additional bonuses to town and dungeon NFT staking rewards.




STEP1. Added mining function in the Guardian game 


(GLEAM, advance reservation page, FACEBOOK sharing event, etc.)

STEP7. World Boss 2 added

STEP10. Town NFT public

STEP 13.  PFP  public

STEP2. Open SNS (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook)

STEP5. Add new server and update P2E function

STEP8. Rune system added

STEP 11. Dungeon NFT Revealed

STEP 14. ​Guild Siege System

STEP3. New server pre-booking website open

STEP6. Defi site open

STEP9. Add new character

STEP12. Add pet system

STEP 15. Character skin change system

• 5 years of compensation and marketing compensation are provided for the issued GOLA.

• Anyone can get compensations

• From the 6th year reward, the reward rate will be determined by voting of all NFT owners.

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